pex clamp connection

Raccords à compression IFAN PEX
Raccords à compression IFAN PEX

The clamp connection method uses a stainless-steel ring on the outside of the pipe with an insert fitting going into the pipe.

To make a proper connection, the installer must first ensure the tool is properly calibrated. Then, the process is similar to a crimp connection: Start with a clean, straight cut on the end of the pipe, slide the ring over the pipe, insert the fitting and position the ring back over the pipe and fitting (again, the position depends on the manufacturer). After properly positioning the ring, use a clamp tool to compress the ring until the tool stops. Most tools won’t release until the connection is complete.

Like crimp connections, clamp connections are fast and easy to learn, quick to install and the products are readily available at a variety of retailers. However, clamp connections offer a slight advantage as they only require one tool for any size connection. There’s no need to purchase separate heads for different pipe sizes. Also, the clamp connection is easier to disassemble than a crimp connection if the connection needs to be removed.